Why Are There More Bugs In The Spring?

A Year Of Seasons Through The Eyes Of A Bug

The world of insects and bugs is a fascinating one and huge at that, but how much does the average person know about the various types of insects? Not a lot probably, although may have referred to them as a ‘pest’ at some stage and, likely taken note that bugs appear to be more active during the season of spring. So, what are they and what do they do?

Addressing Those Questions That Can Tend To Bug You


Why these insects and bugs appear more active in spring is a question you might have asked yourself in the past and it’s a good one too! There are a few reasons, the first thing to consider is that in the winter period it can get quite cold and some insects/bugs aren’t able to survive. However, their eggs can. If you consider how many eggs one bug or insect might lay, it becomes easier to understand why they may appear to be more active in spring. Either way, you might find yourself searching for cheap pest control Sunshine Coast or your area has as soon as possible, as there are a lot more of these pests and they can cause damage to property and harm to humans.


The majority of insects and bugs tend to appear in the spring, however, there are certain types that are more prominent and, better suited for the spring weather. You can be sure to see spiders, ants, earwigs, termites and wasps. Some of which are pretty harmless whereas others can be extremely dangerous for the fabric of your building. Others, like wasps, are potentially life-threatening, depending on their size and number within the said swarm.

Insects And Bugs That Spring Into Life

Every animal, even an insect/bug, has a purpose. Each and every one of them has a job to do and, probably unknowingly play a huge part in the quality, maintenance and growth of our ecosystem. Here’s a brief rundown on which species you are likely to see in spring. You could do your own research to find out more about them, you could be the neighbourhood expert before long.

The Common Offenders

  • Carpenter ants
  • Bedbugs and carpet beetles
  • Spiders and carpenter bees
  • Fleas and ticks
  • Ants and earwigs
  • Hornets and bees and wasps

Preparation Should Help Massively

Early spring can cause some insects, such as ticks, to begin their season earlier than usual, so it can mean that things like infestations last longer than average. Be ready to start your tick prevention process approximately a month ahead of time, or ask your local specialist who can talk you through all the different bugs and solutions of keeping them at bay with scheduled maintenance.

Similarly, due to the weather, mosquito season can also start earlier than expected. To prepare, you’ll want to check your area for any stagnant water, either in ponds or deep puddles. Mosquitos love stagnant water in terms of a breeding ground so you’ll want to empty any pools congregating around your property.