Get These Indoor Plants To Make Your Home Look Better

Luckily for us, indoor plants or houseplants aren’t actually all that hard to keep and maintain. They keep the house looking better and alive without much work from the owners. And that sounds like an alright deal for a lazy person like me. Aside from that, I just REALLY like plants in general, so I was going to think that getting some was a good idea either way.

But OH what to get? Where do we even start?

Well, let’s look at some suggestions, shall we?

Try the ZZ Plant

This plant is basically the plant made for beginners, since it won’t die right away even if you don’t have a green thumb. It’s a cute little plant that only needs to be watered every two weeks, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water it. Assuming you don’t forget it exists in your house, at least. Better yet, for those over-eager people such as the idiot that I am, don’t over-water it. It might be a plant and it loves water, but how would you feel if someone won’t stop stuffing burgers down your throat?

The brightness it needs is only on low, by the way. And indirect, too.

The Snake Plant for the Lazy DGAF People

I would like to call this plant an immortal, only because the lighting it requires is basically anything under the sun (ha, under the sun, it needs light, get it? Get it?) and not to mention the watering can be infrequent. People who are forgettable or are monsters that don’t care about plants in general (yeah, that’s right, this plant-lover is calling you out yo) will love this. It makes their place look lively and less dead without much of a maintenance.

The Umbrella Plant for the People Who Needs Something to Take Care Of

This one NEEDS to be sitting next to your window. It needs a heavy dose of sunlight as well as some ample watering for it to live. And no matter what kind of space you put it in, it WILL grow almost everywhere. You can control its growth if you prune it, of course, hence why you may need to give this as much attention as you are willing to give. The watering process is specific too, since you need to water it every time the top inch of its very soil gets dry.

Peace Lily for Us Flower-lovers

Alright, disclaimer, the white flower it grows isn’t actually a flower, per se. it’s supposed to be a bract. Those are basically just leaves except they somehow evolved themselves into looking like a flower. Despite this, it’s still a neat little thing to have. And it’s easy to predict too. You can water it if the leaves start to droop. When it comes to lighting, the leaves only need to turn to yellow for you to move it away from the sun. It’s practically an indoor plant that can communicate its needs to us humans.