How Do You Remove Scratches From a Wood Floor?

Wooden floors are an amazing type of floor that many homeowners love having in their house. Wooden floors, especially ones made out of high-quality timber from the timber suppliers Melbourne homeowners trust, can add an amazing amount of atmosphere to your house, and when they are well taken care of, they can definitely increase the property value of your house.

However, wooden floors are also some of the most difficult floors to take care of, because although wood can be sturdy, it can also be delicate. This means that your wooden floor is inevitably going to be scratched by something, whether it is a piece of furniture or by a pet. Thankfully, when you have the right materials, you can get rid of scratches in your wooden floor without an issue. You just have to make sure that you have the materials on hand.

How Do You Get Rid of Minor Scratches?

Wooden floors can be prone to minor scratches. However, when you are armed with some steel wool, those minor scratches will be nothing that you should waste thought over. You should make sure that you aren’t rubbing the steel wool too hard, or you might end up having even more scratches in your floor though.

Whenever you are getting rid of scratches in your wood floor, you need to make sure that you are rubbing the material along the grain of the wood. This will ensure that the scratch is removed in due time and that there will be no extra scratches left on your floor.

How Do You Get Rid of Severe Scratches?

With more severe, deeper scratches, just a simple piece of steel wool isn’t going to do the trick. You are going to need to find yourself some lightweight sandpaper (around 180 grit), mineral spirits, and some wood filler, as well as some finish for your floor. For the filler and finish, you will want to make sure that the filler is as close to the same colour as your floor and that the finish is as close to the finish used on your floor. This will ensure that nothing looks out of place. With the lightweight sandpaper, you will need to sand along the grain of the wood. After that, rub some mineral spirits over the sanded area to smooth it out. Fill in the scratch with the wood filler, sand away the excess filler, and then seal it off with the finish. By doing this, you can ensure that your wooden floor will look just as good as the day it was installed in your house, no matter how scratched up it might have been before.