How To Watch Out For Counterfeit Gold

Investors buy and sell gold coins on a regular basis all around the world, but it’s important that you always take time to protect yourself so that you can be sure that your gold isn’t counterfeit. Counterfeit gold can be almost impossible to trace back to its source, and once you buy it, you are usually out of your money without any recourse. While this can make buying and selling gold a little scary, there are some things that you can do to make sure that you do not fall victim to someone selling counterfeit gold.

Work With A Professional

The absolute best thing that you can do to protect yourself from accidentally buying counterfeit gold is to work with a professional when you want to buy gold bullion in Brisbane. These experts will be able to check the composition of the gold that you are going to buy and will have a great reputation for only selling high-quality bars, coins, or jewellery.

Hold The Gold

You never want to buy gold bullion without actually getting to see it and hold it. Unless you are buying from a reputable dealer who you know that you can trust, you want to make sure that you take time to hold and feel the gold that you’re going to buy. This is especially important when purchasing gold from an individual.

Know What To Look For

You want to make sure that you test the weight of any gold that you want to buy. Check out the purity number and see if the gold bar feels too light for its size. Additionally, when you strike a real gold bar it will make a chiming “ping” sound. This is unlike counterfeit bars, which tend to sound dull when they are struck. Sometimes, you can hear that you have a counterfeit, which will help you avoid being scammed.

Counterfeit gold is a real problem, but you can protect yourself with these tips. Make sure that you know what you are looking for when shopping for gold so that you don’t accidentally buy a counterfeit, which will cause you to lose your money without any way to get it back. The absolute best way to protect yourself is by working with a professional who you can trust to provide you with real gold at a great price.