This Is Why You Need Succulents In Your House

For the plant-lovers in the world, having succulents at home is a must. They’re easy to take care of and doesn’t event require that much maintenance. Plus, they’re very pretty and give a lot of colour and brightness to the area. They’re safer and healthier to have around than, say, re-painting the interior. They are a much better choice of an interior decorating change than going out of your way to buy paint and then hiring people to paint the area.

Just clean and then put some cute little succulents all over the place. Like, over your desks, the shelves, the coffee table and the breakfast counter and so on. They even help you breathe cleaner air, which is exactly what we humans need in order to keep on living!

Anyway, here are the benefits to having succulents at home.

They purify the air

Since it’s a well-known fact that plants eat the carbon dioxide we breathe out and then convert it to oxygen, which we need by the way, having a plant at home is basically having an oxygen tank for free that never runs out of air to breathe. And they make it cleaner too!

They brighten a home in any climate

It’s ALSO a well-known fact that plants and any types of living greens in the area help improve brightness to it. It makes a dull atmosphere seem lighter. Having indoor plants is essentially having a mood-maker. It’s the same as us humans liking colours.

They improve the humidity

Plants are known to release water, therefore enhancing the humidity in the home. When moisture is increased, it is commonly supposed to improve your health complaints.

They improve your focus

Another benefit of having succulents at home is the fact that it can improve your focus. This is mostly due to the fact that frequent exposure to nature is key to recovery. This includes those people who have ADHD.

They add fresh oxygen

As we stated above, plants convert our releases carbon dioxide into oxygen, therefore giving us a lot of reason why we should just be breathing into plants rather than oxygen tanks in general. If they’re giving us air to breathe, imagine waking up to an air purifying plant right next to you on the bedside table.

They enhance memory

Memory retention is a little better is exposed to nature a lot. Those who take frequent walks in the park or have an abundance of indoor plants tend to have a better memory than the rest of us.

They increase pain tolerance

Those who have plants in their medical rooms have more pain tolerance than those who have not. This is from a research that has found patients who have stayed in rooms with plants in the area are more tolerant to pain. You might have just found your pain killer at home if you have a succulent there.