10 Regular Household Items that Can Cause Death


Spice lovers will be surprised at this but chilies can actually kill you. This is because they contain a chemical known as capsaicin that can kill. Capsaicin however kills when taken in excess so don’t worry about adding little pepper in your food.


Just like pepper, nutmeg is one of the death spices. This interesting spice that is full of flavor can kill when taken in excess. Nutmeg contains a chemical that causes hallucinogenic reactions when taken in large amounts. It causes convulsions that ultimately result into death.

Rapeseed oil

The rapeseed is a very dangerous plant and is full of toxic that can easily kill. The oil from this plant is not any less dangerous and cause blindness aside from killing you.

Air freshener

This is a deadly item that we can’t live without in our homes. We love our homes smelling fresh but we don’t take a moment to think about the ingredients that bring the beautiful smell. Air fresheners are made from a combination of chemicals that are highly toxic.


These are simply beautiful killers. Lilies are beautiful but they can cause death to both humans and pets. The pollen grains in these flowers can cause flu and in severe cases can eventually lead to death in humans and pets.


We all love the comforting taste of mushroom soup but not all mushrooms are safe to eat. Next time you see a mushroom outside your home, avoid it and go to your grocery shop to get safe mushroom to eat.


Salmon is a common source of protein but it can be extremely toxic. Traditional reared salmon fish is safe to eat and can be a good source of protein. Salmon fish reared domestically can however be filled with toxic that can instantly cause death.

Nail polish

You have probably heard about this but it has now been confirmed that nail polish can cause death. Even nail polish companies that claim to produce safe products can’t get rid of toxins in the nail polish.


This is another beauty product made using highly toxic ingredients that can cause death in the long term. Most lipsticks contain lead, a very harmful metal that can cause death. It is important to research on lead-free products.


Toxicity of chocolate is not more on humans but pets. Dark chocolate can be very dangerous on pets although it can also affect humans who have an allergic reaction to chocolate.

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