After Fake Rice Made With Plastic Comes New Discovery of Fake Rice Made With Paper

China, since the past few years, has been known for producing and selling various types of fake products, even food. Just few months ago, it was discovered that fake rice made of plastic was being sold in China. It is very difficult to distinguish the fake rice from the ordinary ones. According to news reports, these grains were being made by combining synthetic resin with potatoes.

Though the raw rice was supposedly hard to differentiate, but once cooked, there was a plastic film forming on top of the rice, which would burn if heated. According to some victims, the rice would remain hard even after being cooked. Health experts have even warned people against consuming the plastic rice, as it could lead to various health concerns.

This plastic rice was discovered just a few months ago, and China has again shocked the world. The production of fake rice does not stop, and in fact a new type has again been discovered in China. Miss Cai, a woman residing in Guangdong, claims that she was enjoying lunch with her family, when she felt that the rice she was consuming was a bit too hard to eat. What she found out shocked her. The rice was made of “rolled-up paper” and was presented just like normal rice.

According to Miss Cai, the rice looked normal initially. Nothing looked wrong, all was perfect, but it was just halfway when she chewed onto some harder piece. As per Apple Daily, the lady then took out that piece from her mouth, watched it carefully, and was amazed when she rolled it out, and found that it was actually a tiny paper strip.

Cai informed the neighborhood police that she had bought the rice from some neighborhood shop, where she was told that the rice was produced locally in a farmland and no pesticides were used in the process.

Perhaps these bits of paper rolled into rice do not get harmed when they are boiled, and this is why many people do not even realize what they are eating, and how it can harm them. It is not yet clear why would someone go to the extent of rolling up thousands of tiny pieces of paper and sell them as rice, when rice is not really an expensive product. White, bleached paper, cannot be much cheaper in comparison, keeping in mind all the time and efforts that goes into rolling up these pieces. However, these are just two recent shocking discoveries from China, perhaps there are more to follow.

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