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Creating The Perfect Place To Read In Your Garden

If you love to read, then you should consider creating a reading nook in your garden, especially for you.

Whether you love to read on your Kindle, or you still like the smell and feel of a real book in your hands, creating the perfect place to relax and read is vital. One thing that you may wish to consider is creating one outdoors in your garden, and you can even weatherproof it so you can use it no matter what the weather. Below are some ideas you may wish to consider creating a reading nook in your garden that you can enjoy throughout the year.

Build A Gazebo

Credits: Pixabay

If you have the space in your garden, you will want to consider a gazebo, which can be an excellent way to protect you from the elements while you get lost in your book. There are a variety of different sizes available, some with a roof and some not, and you can also install lights so that you can use the space in the evenings. You could even think about adding a small fridge and a few glasses so you can enjoy a glass of wine or two while you read.

Take Shade Under A Tree

Credits: Pixabay

If you have a mature tree on your property, then what better way to relax than with an egg chair swing in the shade. The branches of the tree will be able to offer you protection from the sun, ensuring that it is not bright for you to read without sunglasses on. There are egg chairs that come with a frame and stand included, or you could suspend one from the tree if it is big enough to take the weight. You can relax for hours, swinging away while you read your favourite authors.

Creating A Hiding Spot In Your Garden

Credits: Pixabay

If your children cannot let you relax when they see you at home, then you may wish to create a little hiding spot for yourself. You can do this by partitioning off a small section of your garden using bushes or other large plants and make your haven where they will not be able to see you. You can close yourself off from the world for a while as you relax in a comfortable chair, reading a book and immersing yourself in a different world.

Build A Shed

Credits: Pixabay

You may also want to create a She Shed or a Man Cave at the bottom of your garden, which is the perfect place to retreat to, especially if you have a lock on the door. You can have comfortable seating in your space, as well as electrics, so you can include a fridge, kettle, and even some speakers so you can listen to music while you read. An excellent benefit with this kind of space is that it does not matter what the weather is, you can kit out your shed to keep you comfortable no matter what the weather is doing outside.

These are just a few ideas that you can consider in making a reading nook in your garden, and you can get plenty of more ideas on websites such as Pinterest. Use some creativity and plan your outdoor reading nook, and you may create your new favourite place in your home.