Digital Solutions: Web Development Myths Debunked

Digital Solutions: Web Development Myths Debunked

As the world increasingly moves online, businesses are scrambling to establish a strong digital presence. For many businesses, this means creating a website or redesigning an existing one. However, designing an effective website can be a daunting task, and there is no shortage of myths and misinformation about web development.

To the average person, anything to do with website design and construction would be alien and over the years, a few web development myths have sprung up, which can be confusing for business owners who are looking to create a digital platform. Pie in the sky thinking and misconceptions seem to abound when people think about web development. It often seems like an unobtainable black art that only a chosen few can do. Below are some of those myths.

Free Web Building Applications Can Compete With Professional Web Design

If that were the case, there would be no demand for pro web developers and while you can build a functional website with no coding experience, this cannot be compared to the work of a professional web developer Cardiff or your city calls to work with complex applications such as Laravel. Your digital platform is very much a reflection of your business and if you want to raise eyebrows, you need the help of a top web development agency.

Content Is Not As Important As Web Design

We have no idea where this one came from and we can assure you that your content is absolutely everything, which is why you need top-rated copy writers to put together your web content. The web development agency employs a team of web content writers who are responsible for all client text, ensuring that you present your organisation in the best possible light. Design does play a part, but it is not as important as your content.

Web Design & Construction Is Expensive

While there may be agencies that overcharge for their services, it is possible to have a top-notch website designed and built for an affordable cost. Scalable options mean you can expand and develop the platform as your business grows and if you are planning a start-up launch, ask a web designer for a quote to build you the right platform and you will be pleasantly surprised. Web designers generally charge for their time and with apps like Laravel; they can work quickly, keeping the cost down.

Site Navigation Isn’t Important

When a user is unsure where to find the information they are looking for, you have lost them – it is as simple as that! If your digital platform is easy to follow and pages are responsive, the user has a positive experience. Badly designed sites are doomed, regardless of how good their content might be, and that’s why you need professional design.

A Complete Website Is Finished

This couldn’t be further from the truth; every single website is a work in progress, adding content and features to enhance the UX. Much like a person, a website takes on a personality and grows as the company develops, which is why a new website needs an experienced webmaster at the helm. Tasks such as applying security patches, monitoring cyber-security and adding content, all need to be carried out on an ongoing basis. If you have a web project in mind, talk to a leading web development agency about your concept and they can help you create the perfect digital platform on which to base your business. The agency can handle every aspect of the project – domain name registration, web design & build, web hosting and testing, to name but a few.