Tips For Dealing With The Aftermath Of A Fire In Your Home

Domestic Fire: A Guide To Dealing With Damage

Every single home should have adequate protection in place to warn the occupants in the event of fire. Should the worst happen, you then have to deal with the aftermath and assess the damage caused. Of course, the fire services would be called at the earliest opportunity and you are now faced with making good the damage.

Choosing A Contractor

You do want prompt service and they should send someone to your property within hours to determine the level of damage caused by the fire. Make sure the company you choose is accredited in the industry and that they have been in business longer than a couple of years and they have the resources necessary for such a project.

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Whether you are looking for fire restoration Portsmouth or other area where you’re residing offers, a Google search will bring up a list of fire-damage contractors and you can take it from there. You can also rely on recommendations from people you trust, especially from ones who have already experienced such service. Don’t forget to check out customer reviews as well just to be sure.

Providing An All-Inclusive Quote

Once the fire damage expert has inspected your home, they can provide you with an all-inclusive quote for the restoration and if your insurer is fine with that, the work can begin. If you need to find temporary accommodation, this should be a priority, as the sooner the work begins, the better.

Call Your Insurance Provider

Most people insure their homes against fire or flooding and you need to inform the insurer as soon as possible. Take images and video that can back up your claim, while the contractor you call in to carry out repairs would know the protocol for making a fire damage claim.

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Safety First

Depending on the extent of the damage, you might need a surveyor to inspect the building to make sure the structural integrity has not been compromised by the fire. The electrical system might need to be inspected as the wiring might have been damaged by the fire, while extensive damage would demand a survey to accurately determine the extent of the damage.  


If there are windows or doors that need to be removed and no one is staying at the property, then you may have to put additional security in place. If the roof is damaged, the contractor would put out tarpaulins to protect the interior until the roof can be repaired. Reputable contractors like the Leak Detection, Fire and Flood Restoration Co. would have the resources to handle a large project and can remove furniture, and store it until the restoration is complete. It is important to identify the source of the fire and take adequate precautions to prevent a repeat.

It should be noted that every home should have smoke alarms fitted in every room, as this early warning system can save lives and prevent a lot of damage if the fire is discovered quickly. You should also install a couple of fire extinguishers and/or a fire blanket for emergency use in the kitchen, and these items need to be tested at regular intervals.