Effects Of Marijuana

Can Marijuana Become Addictive?

For many years, marijuana was labelled as a very dangerous drug, yet over the years, it was discovered that the cannabis plant has medicinal properties, especially when CBD oil is extracted.

While many countries have legalised the use of marijuana, you can still become addicted to smoking it. Much like a person can develop a habit for drinking that they can’t control, a weed smoker can easily cross the line and end up as a couch potato, ordering pizza and binge-watching Netflix.

Addictive Personalities

Research tells us that marijuana is not physically addictive like heroin or tobacco, but a person who has an addictive personality can easily turn to smoking weed all the time to block out the reality of his or her life. If it gets too bad and a person’s life is seriously affected, there is a Thailand inpatient rehab center for marijuana addiction that can be relied on. The specialists in the center will first detox the patient, identify the reasons for the addiction and teach the user how to remain strong after returning home.

An addictive personality could cause a person to turn to any drug, or it might even be gambling or a food disorder that is chosen as a comfort and if you have the kind of personality to over-indulge, this can be an issue.

Potential For Psychosis

While there might not be any physical damage caused by smoking weed, regular use can lead to psychological problems, with people sometimes developing schizophrenia because of long-term use of marijuana. If you have a friend or family member who seems to be stoned all the time, this might be due to smoking constantly and there are many ways to ingest THC, the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana. Excessively red eyes are a sign of smoking weed constantly, having a bad short-term memory is another symptom to watch out for and if you think you are right, ask the person if he or she is stoned too much and see what reaction that brings.

The Benefits Of Rehab

The hardest thing about giving up a drug is the environment the user is in and if you do not change your circle of friends and your immediate environment, quitting is very difficult. Indeed, as other users like to encourage those trying to give it up, it reinforces their feel of security if they are not alone in their addiction. If you told a friend that you have quit smoking weed and if they are a good friend, they would not encourage you in any way to smoke, rather they would support you. If they happen to be a smoker, that’s where the difficulty lies.

Equipping The Person To Stay Drug-Free

Rehab starts with a detox, which removes the harmful toxins from the body, then qualified counsellors help the addict to identify the reasons for the drug use, while also teaching strategies and techniques to remain drug free when they return home. This is very important, as there will be temptation and if friends and family offer their support, this really does help.

Most people recover after a few weeks in a rehab facility, which is a time for reflection and focusing on self-development.