Drain Issues a Drainage Camera Survey Could Bring to Light

Sewer cameras are incredibly powerful and are wonderful pieces of equipment that can be used to determine problems in drainage lines and pipes. It’s important for any homeowner who wants to have a drainage camera survey performed to be realistic about the problems that the camera can and can’t find. This will ensure that homeowners are realistic about their expectations when hiring this service.

Where a Block Is Located

 When homeowners have blocked drains in Southampton, then it makes sense that they call for a drainage camera survey. When these are performed correctly, then it is very easy for the company to determine where a block in the sewer lines or pipes is located. This makes it easier for the company and homeowner to come up with a plan of action to treat the problem without digging up the entire yard.

What Is Causing the Blockage

In addition to determining where a blockage is located, a survey can also sometimes tell what is causing it. This is very important, as different blockages will require different treatments. Knowing whether it was something that was flushed down the toilet or if it is a problem with tree roots will allow the homeowner to determine how to handle the problem. Since blockages require varying treatments, understanding the real cause of a block allows for the best treatment to occur, reducing the risk of damage to the drains and pipes.

Where There Are Connections

Finally, a drainage camera survey is a wonderful way to check the connections in the drain field and determine exactly where they are located. This also makes it possible for homeowners to learn more about where the water is flowing in their drains, how everything connects, and if there are any problems that may occur due to clogs and blocks in the future. Dealing with blocked drains is difficult and can be really frustrating, but having a drainage camera survey performed is a wonderful way to determine what the problem is and where it is located. This is why so many homeowners opt for professional help when they have a drainage problem so that they can address it right away.