Rice – The Reason Why Asians Are Skinnier Than Everyone Else (mostly)

Now, I’m aware of the fact that there too have been sayings about white rice being the one thing that actually fattens us up and maybe even allows us to actually have some chronic diseases. I have a theory that it’s only like that in some parts of the world because in countries that eat rice 80% of their lives, a lot of them actually avoided these said diseases and side-effects simply by consuming rice.

So what IS rice?

Based on the research of heathline, rice is simple a cereal grain that we have been growing for thousands of years. There are several types of it though the most popular would be the varieties of both white and brown rice.

So the question, is it actually healthy to eat?

Answer: Yes. Why? Because whole grains contain 3 components which are Bran (has antioxidants, minerals and FIBER, a good source for losing weight), Germ (also has antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, protein and other plant components) and Endosperm (has a small amount of protein).

So is rice for weight loss then?

YES. But mostly just the brown rice because the white rice doesn’t do anything except make you feel satisfied and fat. Brown rice is known to be the kind of rice to cut down some carbs so if you pair this up with green tea every single day, you can guarantee some weight loss. It’s mostly the reason why Asians (mainly Japanese and Koreans) are so slight and skinny. It’s not that they’re unhealthy or malnourished, they’re actually very healthy and weigh normally. They even have the figure that all if us females desire. This is mostly due to the fact that it contains so much fiber. It also helps you feel like you’ve eaten a lot so there won’t be no need for you to get some second helpings (or third, I’m not judging). So the best rice to eat is the brown rice.

What about white rice though?

It’s very conflicting whether this type actually can gain weight or loss it. There are several studies where both of the events happened when they consumed white rice as their diet. In Korea, there was this 12-year study about it where a woman ate white rice and mixed rice (a mixture of black and brown) three times a day for months (possibly years). She had lost so much weight because of it.

However, if you really want a guarantee of losing weight, then go for brown rice. It’s the best choice. I suggest eating it every day three times a day with green tea on the side. Be careful with how much you intake every day though, especially if you pair it up with green tea. While I can certainly guarantee its amazing effects (I tried it myself for less than a month and cut down on a lot of weight), it still will potentially mess you up if you consume too much. You’ll be dehydrated if you aren’t careful.