What Exactly Is A Witness Statement?

What Exactly Is A Witness Statement?

In the event you are involved in criminal or civil issues, witness statements are essential aspects of evidence that both sides would use to strengthen their case. Simply put, you need a witness statement in a true account of events that transpired. You can ask a witness to compile a written account, which needs to be signed to verify that the account is the truth.

Asking Witnesses To Make A Statement

In the event of a traffic accident or any other issue occurring, you can ask witnesses to make a statement. At the very least, you should get their contact details so that you can follow up and ask for a witness statement at a later date. Of course, it is best to get the statement as soon as possible, as the events that transpired will be fresh in their minds. Always ask for contact details. It is important that the witness fully understands that their written testimony may be used as evidence in a court of law.

Filing A Lawsuit

If you wish to file a lawsuit, use one of the top litigation law firms in Bangkok or in your country who can ensure that your lawsuit is filed correctly. Equally, you may have to respond to a lawsuit that another person files against you and in such a case, you are advised to seek out a lawyer as soon as you can. Prior to filing a lawsuit, it is very important that you sit down with your lawyer and go through all of the evidence you have gathered to support your claim. Once the legal expert is satisfied, he or she can go ahead and file the lawsuit.

Civil Disputes

Sadly, the number of civil lawsuits is on the rise. It could be an unhappy customer, or a conflict over a business contract, or even a person that feels you defamed them. A civil dispute can be costly for the loser and witness statements could be the difference between winning and losing, which is why they are so important. It should be noted that a witness might be called into court to repeat what they had given in written form, although this is often not required.

If you witnessed an event and you are asked to make a written statement, you could be providing essential evidence to support the truth and as citizens, we all have a duty to stand up for the truth.

If you have a witness to something that occurred and you wish to ask them to provide a written statement, get a phone number as soon as you can, as this will enable you to make contact at a later date. If you have the time to spend with the witness, you could ask the witness to write a statement for you and sign it.

Whether you wish to file a lawsuit against someone or you have been served with papers, the first thing to do is make contact with a local litigation lawyer.