A Guide To Purchasing Bricks: What You Should Know

Owning your own home is a significant milestone in every person’s life and making improvements is part and parcel of property ownership, which adds value to the investment. Sooner or later, you will be looking at ways to increase your living space and building an extension is the obvious way to do that.

In this article, we offer a few aspects of buying bricks that you should consider before ordering.

The Same Or Different?

While the majority of homeowners prefer to use the exact same brick to match the existing setting, you could go for a contrast. It is a personal choice and it might help to check online to see the various types of bricks. If you buy bricks in bulk online, you end up paying trade prices.

Free Advice

The brick supplier is the ideal person to ask regarding choice of brick for your project. Explain the details and see what the experts say. Facing bricks are the most popular and they come in a wide range of colours and textures. For a residential extension, these are the recommended choice. If you know a small builder, you can ask them for advice regarding brick choice.

Colour Uniformity

This is critical, of course, as large expanses of brickwork must look the same and the supplier can guarantee brick uniformity, even in large bulk orders. To view an extensive catalogue of bricks, search online for a local builder’s merchant and see what they have in stock. In the event they do not have the type of brick you need, they would be able to order the right type, as the supplier has extensive connections in the building industry.


It is important to check that delivery is included in the price, which would be normal for a building supplies company. You can buy bricks by the thousand and they are delivered on pallets, wrapped in plastic, which ensures the bricks are not damaged.

Other Materials

Aside from the bricks, you will need sand and cement to mix the mortar, plus the supplier has trowels and other essential tools that you will need. The last thing you want is to be ready to start work and you are missing materials or tools, so make sure everything is in place.


There is a wide range of texture finishes with facing bricks, which you can choose on the supplier’s website. If you want to see the bricks before ordering, drive to your local builder’s merchant and see for yourself how each brick looks. It is possible to take a sample brick home and closely match it with your existing brickwork, which will help you to make the right brick choice. If you create a materials list for your extension project, you can cross off each item as you acquire it. With the help of your local builder’s merchant, your extension project will be completed according to your schedule.