The Art of Selling Your Watch Fast and Easy

You probably have an old watch in your jewellery box that you’re not using anymore. Instead of throwing it away or letting it rot in the box, turn it into cash by selling them. There may be a lot of people looking to buy a watch like yours. So why not give them a chance to own it in exchange for some cash when you sell high quality watches in Melbourne.

We have rounded a few helpful tips and pointers to help you get the most for your old watch.

• Determine the right price for your watch

Knowing how much your watch is worth is the first crucial step to take towards a successful sale. Pricing your item too low can make you feel like not getting as much money as you could for your watch, while pricing it too high can make selling difficult. So how do you land on the right price? Simple; browse and check the listings for the same make and model of your watch. You can decide how to price your watch from there.

• Make the watch look desirable to potential buyers by snapping some killer photos

Make sure to clean your watch properly and have it checked by a professional. After making sure that it looks good enough, take some high quality photos from every angle.

• Importance of a great title

Your watch is more likely to found and sold easily if you write a great title for your item. The keyword for your item should include the brand, whether it’s for men, women or both, colour, material, and size.

• Provide a complete description of the watch

If the title works well with potential buyers, it would be obvious that they will be looking for more details about your watch. Make sure to write a great description for your item, but do not get too wordy. Just include pertinent facts but do not give out the entire serial number.

If time is of the essence, you can choose to sell your watch to reputable buyer, such as the Gold Buyer in Melbourne. What’s great with them is that they pay you quick cash for your item and make it comfortable and stress-free on your end.

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