Here Are The Food That Helps You Poop!

Don’t you just hate it when your stomach gets upset and you can’t poop? That’s going to spell out a lot of trouble for you. Humans have to relieve themselves every single day in order to be healthy. So what do you do? You eat, of course, and not just any kind of food that you fancy, because the types you want to eat might just make the whole digesting thing harder already. You eat food that are high in fibre.


Luckily you can just buy one of these easily. Slice it up and eat them for snacks. You could even take the slices to work or school, or you could just bring it with you whole, not bothering with slicing. It’s a good source of fibre.


It’s a natural laxative, hopefully the kind that doesn’t hurt you on the inside like a certain tea of mine that I tried once.


This one stimulates natural movement in the digestive system, making it an excellent food course for fibre. You won’t see yourself having trouble pooping after eating this.


It has high fibre and can treat diarrheal and constipation. What more do you want? If you go through a tablespoon a meal or a day, you’ll be pooping in no time.


Another easy-to-eat fruit that helps alleviate constipation. Thankfully, this also helps improve your bowel movement. Plus, they’re delicious! You can eat one after every meal without having to worry about expensive and unhealthy dessert later.


A very effective way of clearing your intestines. How many times have you visited your bathroom after eating a meal full of beans? It’s effective, despite the jokes behind it!


A vegetable with a prebiotic effect, now that’s what we call super healthy. Prebiotic effect is good for your gut. Eat something that is good for your gut for once.


Fortunately for us, there’s rhubarb pie that we can just take advantage. It’s a dessert that has good benefits, which is just perfect for us dessert-lovers.


Fermented milk. A beverage that contains a lot of probiotics, helping your stomach be happy and healthy. It’s the essence of food that will make you poop.


Go for dried figs if you want to eat figs in general. They’re especially high in fibre, which we all already know is good for our digestive system. Anything that is good for our health is great.


They’re good for soups, giving them a hearty flavour. If you don’t want snacks and just want to go straight to meals, then make some soup with lentils in it.

Sweet potatoes

I can personally guarantee that this one packs so much fibre. An eating session back when I was young proved to me that it definitely helped my digestive system.

Oat bran

Well, this is a given. Oat bran is the food that dieters practically eat instead of heavy meals. It’s SUPPOSED to be help you relieve yourself.

Chia seeds

No wonder I keep seeing this as a great addition to diet, it packs a lot of fibre!