The Consequences Of Skipping Breakfast All The Time

Trying to lose a couple of pounds? Well, skipping a meal is not the way to do it. Skipping breakfast in particular is like the most counterintuitive way to lose weight. You would think that NOT eating would actually make you lose weight, but not in this case.

There are a lot of cases of people losing weight because they ate breakfast. If you want to lose weight, then at least eat in the mornings.

Aside from weight-gain, there are also a lot of health-risk factors by skipping breakfast altogether.

Higher risk of type-2 diabetes

Based on a research in Harvard University, it has come to their attention that women are more prone to type-2 diabetes if they keep skipping breakfast. For those who already are at a risk of something as close to diabetes, you should think twice before you ignore a good meal after waking up.

Mood swings and lower energy

I’ve been a victim of this for as long as I can remember. I can tell you right now that skipping breakfast really does affect your moodiness and how your energy levels fluctuate from really high to really low on the most random times. I can’t say that you will get better once you start eating breakfast after skipping it for more than 10 years, but at least I now have a handle on what my mood is.

Risk of cancer

Is there a cure for cancer now? Do you want to risk finding out if there IS one? And if there is a cure, are you fortunate enough to be able to afford it?

Let’s stay safe and healthy by avoiding all of that altogether. Skipping breakfast makes you overindulge in food for the entirety of the day. Obesity WILL bite you and then give you an illness you won’t be able to cure.


This explains why I’ve gotten so many headaches I’ve practically gotten used to them. since there’s going to be a massive dip in sugar levels due to meal-skipping, headaches and migraines are to be expected. With all the blood pressure levels gained from triggered hormone release, your brain won’t be able to fight back pain.

Triggers hair loss

Less protein means less levels of keratin. Do you really want to risk losing all your hair because you can’t afford to waste time eating breakfast?

Could affect metabolism

This is why you gain weight. Skipping meals makes your body think that it should adjust to your eating patterns as well. It’s going to slow because you only eat two times a day. Slow metabolism makes you poop less than normal. All that leads to you gaining weight since your body is way too busy and slow in processing that your body needs to get rid of the digested food in your body already.