Tips on Designing Office Toilets

Tips on Designing Office Toilets

Designing office toilets can be quite difficult since most toilet designers are trained to think in terms of designing residential toilets. What they fail to take into account is the larger commercial sector and the fact that the public restroom is meant for a specific social group.

There is a special set of etiquette and protocol that should be followed while designing toilet seats and toilet accessories. The following tips on designing office toilets will surely help you out.

Width & Height Of The Toilet

As far as the design of the toilet seat is concerned, you will have to pay attention to the width of the toilet and the height of the seat. These two factors are often ignored by most designers when designing the toilet seats. You can use a standard size toilet seat but if your office is bigger than the standard size, then you should go for a special large toilet seat.

Comfortable Toilet Seat

Ensure that you install a soft but hard wearing toilet seat cover when ordering a toilet seat cover as you don’t want your employees getting uncomfortable often due to the ill-fitting toilet seats and toilet seat covers. A quick visit to a bathroom showroom Twickenham or your city has should be able to provide you with the best ideas, and you can even get a while toilet designed and crafted for you, with all the required features within a competitive price.

 It is seen that most workers like to defecate squatting on the toilet rather than sitting on the seat. This is because of the fact that sitting on the seat encourages the spread of germs and fecal matter all around the body. Go for a toilet seat cover that helps the user to sit on the toilet without any problem.

Getting Custom Toilet Seats

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It would be best to order custom toilet seats for your office. You can order one with a button that lets the user to flush the bowl. Ordering custom toilet seats for your office will make them more comfortable to use.

If you can’t afford to get custom toilet seats for your office, then you can look out for generic toilet seats that are available in several online stores. Generic toilet seats are cheaper than their customised counterparts and they come in various colours and styles. The downside, however, is that the seat might not fit perfectly onto the toilet and this will result in inconveniences during the use of the toilet. Another downside is that these generic toilet seats are not as comfortable to use as their customised counterparts and might even cause backaches in some employees.