Common Types of Gold Products You Can Purchase

When you are planning to invest in physical gold, there are several types of gold products you can purchase. Each product comes with a different value and benefits in terms of investment. In this article, we will discuss the most common types of physical gold to help you with your investment plans.

Gold Bullion – Coins

Gold bullion comes in different forms. The smaller forms of it are gold coins. Gold coins almost have the same size as 50 cents. This can be perfect not only for investment but also as a collection for private ownership.

The advantage with gold coins is that you can purchase it easily. It is also hard to counterfeit. You are rest assured that, whenever you purchase gold coins, it is the real deal. You can also keep it at home much easier than other types of gold bullion and resale is very easy as well.

Gold Bullion – Bars

Another common type of gold bullion are gold bars. If you want a much larger investment, gold bars are ideal. They come in larger sizes and weight. One thing you have to take note of this is that most owners prefer to keep it at the bank or private institution rather than keeping it at home.

You can choose from the different sizes of gold bars available when you decide to buy gold in Brisbane or in your local area. But, the disadvantage with gold bars is that it can be very easy to counterfeit. This makes it a little bit difficult to sell it later on. If you can provide proof of the authenticity of the gold bars, this won’t be an issue.

Gold Jewellery

Another form of physical gold that you can invest in is gold jewellery. Gold jewellery comes in different forms and comes in different mixtures (white gold, rose gold, etc.)

You can wear gold jewellery whenever you like. If you’re already bored of it or in need of fast cash, you always have the option to sell it at pawnshops. But, you also have to remember that its value won’t be as high as gold bars or gold coins.

Those are the 3 most common forms of physical gold products that you can invest in. Consult an expert if you need more help with investment.

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