Mobile Photography: Taking Pictures of Your Diamond Ring

Some social media users may be contented with haphazard selfies. You, however, want to take professional-looking photos that show the true beauty of the diamond engagement ring you’ve just received from your beloved. But you only have a cellphone or tablet.

Here are tips to help you out.

Make sure your ring is clean

Wipe your item first with soft, clean jewellery cloth. Dusts, fingerprints or scratches are visible in high resolution. Wear gloves when handling diamond jewellery Brisbane store Ringleaders sold to your beloved if you have to.

Background matters

Background can affect hue of the metal and gemstones of the ring. A white background – like a clean white piece of paper, plastic, or tiles – bounces light back at the subject, lessening distracting shadows and providing an uncluttered look. To add drama, choose black. It brings the spotlight on your ring, especially when it is light toned.

Have a single light source

Poor lighting would just give you blurry or grainy pictures. Daylight is the best source, so find a spot where you can use it. Use cards or reflectors to aim the light towards your subject.

Bring out the gemstone’s best colour by using a light box from photo supply stores or just roll tracing or onionskin paper to make a translucent tube in which to photograph your subject. This will spread the light through diffusion to soften shadows and provide uniform lighting.

Avoid using flash. Diamonds will just reflect the light back into the lens, giving you overexposed images.

Put your gadget on something sturdy.

If you don’t have a tripod, place your gadget on a steady object. Hold your breath when you press shoot; it can lessen your body’s natural movements.

Don’t use the zoom function.

It can mess up with the camera’s focusing capabilities. Also, don’t hold the phone too close to your jewellery. In some phones, you can just tap the screen to focus on an object or you can use the Macro function which allows capturing of close-up views.

Gemstones on jewellery are shiny and usually small, so they easily get blurred in pictures. If you lack specialised skills and high-end equipment, these tips will help you shoot professional-looking images of the ring and gain you many likes.

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