Different Kinds of Tea and Their Healthy Benefits

As someone obsessed with tea, I can safely say that I am very proud to be obsessed with a type of drink that doesn’t have any negative side-effects. Leaf juice (tea) for me is relaxing and amazing, giving me all the health benefits I never even knew they had. I just honestly went into it (after giving up the coffee obsession) without even thinking that tea has some kind of good side-effects. I just wanted a different drink that wasn’t caffeine. So imagine my surprise when after a month of drinking tea (Chamomile, Green, Matcha, Black, etc) I found out I not only lost so much weight, but my immune system got better. My digestive system practically sang with good health and my skin felt so smooth and nice.

After that I researched the benefits for tea and was just kind of stumped at how HEALTHY it actually is. Yes, I was a dumb teenager, what’s your point?

So with that, let’s look at the benefits that some of these tea flavours have.

Green Tea

This one is the best at burning fat. I had a lot of beautiful moments just drinking this in the morning and wanting a calm atmosphere upon my waking. I drank this stuff 3 times a day every day for an entire month and lost so much weight during the first week of it. It’s amazing. Although, you may need to be careful with drinking this for more than 3 times a day though. It can cause dehydration if it’s consumed too much. Check out webmd to know more about its contents and benefits.

Chamomile Tea

This was my first tea. I bought and drank this in my desperation to help me calm down during panic attacks, anxiety attacks and overthinking. At first I treated it like a sleeping pill because it DOES help me sleep. It was made for that, to calm the nerves and make people sleep. A little later I found out that it also helped with diabetes (which I thankfully do NOT have) and it can prevent loss of vision. This particular tea holds a special place in my tea-loving heart for helping me get through the hardest times of my life. Chamomile is the reason why I’m obsessed with tea.

Black Tea

This is the cheapest in my area so it basically became my go-to when I ran out of my usual’s. Admittedly, this one has caffeine in it and it’s said to have the most caffeine out of all the tea out there, however black tea is also the best tea to make milk tea out of. That has become really popular nowadays and I can’t deny its delicious taste when I myself also go out on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis just to drink the stuff. It may also protect our lungs from the damage mostly caused by smoking. Good thing I don’t smoke at all.


Matcha is my second favorite but it’s mostly because I LOVE the taste of it. Especially if milk is mixed in it. According to time, matcha is a form of green tea however is handled and prepared in a different way. All the same, it can also help lose weight like green tea. Anything else that green tea can do, matcha can also

do. I’m sure there are a lot of tea out there that I haven’t covered (Twinnings themselves have like an array of flavours I did not even know existed in the first place) however these are the ones that I myself drank all the time and are also very common. It’s up to you if you want to take up a tea obsession. It’s a healthy obsession anyway.