How Much Should Be Spent On An Engagement Ring

When you’re looking for an engagement ring, setting a budget is extremely important. You need to know how much you’re planning to spend on the ring. This is probably one of the things that most people are asking. How much should be spent on an engagement ring? The answer to that question depends on the following factors:

Your loved one’s expectations

Of course, anyone would want their significant other to be happy. Choose a ring that she’ll be proud to show off. Consider her style and preferences.

The thought

As the saying goes “It’s the thought that matters most”, choose a ring that will be meaningful to her. Do take note that a meaningful ring always comes with a price tag.

Your financial situation

You should determine the amount you’re comfortable to spend. If you have saved up money for the entire cost of a ring, that would be better. If you are planning to pay for it monthly, you need to think about your income, your bills and your living expenses.

Considering those factors, you will be able to set a reasonable budget for an engagement ring without having to hurt your pocket. Here are some insider tips and tricks on how you can get the most out of your budget.

Consider the 4Cs

The cut is something that you cannot sacrifice among the 4Cs. You can go big on the diamond’s cut but try to sacrifice on some aspects. Choose a carat weight that is a little lower than the usual diamond carat weights. Cut off a bit on the diamond’s clarity and colour. Diamonds with slight inclusions and faint colour is not that noticeable to the naked eye.

Buy online

If you want to get a great deal, you can shop from a reputable online jeweller like These jewellers usually have a huge selection that you can easily choose from. There are even those that allow you to customize the ring to better fit with your budget and preference.

Consider the points discussed above whenever you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring. Make sure that you’ve set a budget before you go ring shopping. Stay within the budget and don’t go overboard.

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